TPA Total Care 2.0

The TPA managed service solution addresses all of your companies IT needs without the necessity for hands on management oversight. A controlled cost, at a predictable rate, will provide your business with scalability that comes from a team of dedicated, professional engineers, instead of one in-house technician. Our solution gives you the ability to refocus your energy on business, and comes with remote and on-site support to address all your IT needs. Our service is designed so that we work together as partners. Since there are no additional charges, for projects and there is unlimited consulting, it places us on the same path with the same goals, to keep you trouble free and working as efficiently as possible.

Advanced Technologies

We specialize in providing the latest technological advances to suit your business needs. Through our evaluation process, we will find the best solution to optimize your workflow, and save your business money.


Imagine needing a different computer for every program you use – one for documents, another for web browsing, and yet another for e-mail. What a waste of space and efficiency that would be. You run multiple programs from one computer, so why not multiple virtual computers on one physical system? Setting up one powerful system to do the duties of several small servers will save you space, money, and electricity. You can take advantage of virtualization and avoid the downside and cost of a new server. It allows you to save on maintenance, gives you better ability for redundancy, and more rapid recovery. We’re experts in the virtualization process.

Cloud Solutions

In business, you are used to seeing large server rooms filled with machines. These systems provide your email service, access to your website, and store your critical business data. The concept of cloud computing is founded on the principle of service. Rather than house and maintain many machines, you can access your data from anywhere, and anytime. Why buy a cow, when all you need is the milk? With cloud computing, you don’t need to buy and maintain those big noisy boxes, disaster recovery is simple, and backups are automated. You just pay for the monthly cost of the service.
Service Dedication
Our commitment to Service Dedication isn’t an empty slogan, it’s a concept that is intrinsic to every one of our processes and daily tasks. To ensure this, we continually and obsessively track our performance, rigorously checking service delivery against SLAs and service benchmarks.
Dedication to Service
The technical support & practical Know-How they apply to solving & repairing our problems have served us well and on a timely basis.
- Lou Guttman, Rugged Equipment