Optimize your workflow

Virtualization - Set up one powerful system to do the duties of several small servers to save space, money, and electricity. You can take advantage of virtualization and avoid the downside and cost of a new server. It allows you to save on maintenance, and enables more rapid recovery. Once unnecessary hardware is eliminated, it can be repurposed to increase redundancy. We’re experts in the virtualization process.

Save your business money

Cloud Solutions - In business, you are used to seeing large server rooms filled with machines. These systems provide your email service, access to your website, and store your critical business data. Rather than house and maintain many machines, you can access your data from anywhere, and anytime. Why buy a cow, when all you need is the milk? With cloud computing, you don’t need to buy and maintain those big noisy boxes, disaster recovery is simple, and backups are automated. Cloud computing keeps your data offsite, so you don’t have to worry about issues in your office like electrical outages or overheating. You just pay for the monthly cost of the service.
Dedication to Service
They have exceeded my expectations in service and in designing and maintaining a technology infrastructure that fits our business.
- Jack R Ashkenazie, Almar Sales Company, Inc.