Creating A Roadmap For Success

Weather extremes, natural disasters, extended loss of power, and floods have become the expected, rather than the unexpected. Outages of all sorts have become commonplace no matter where your business is. You work hard to build and maintain a business, and the effects of business disruption can be devastating. Proper IT planning can minimize the effects of these “unexpected” events. Today, a business continuity plan, customized to your business, is essential.
Solutions don’t need to be expensive, but not having the conversation can be the most expensive business mistake you can make. Our customized plan can make use of new technologies that enable your business to come back online fast and stay productive. Components may utilize offsite cloud storage, external fireproof/waterproof backup devices, system monitoring software, and site-to-site replication services.
Service Dedication
Our commitment to Service Dedication isn’t an empty slogan, it’s a concept that is intrinsic to every one of our processes and daily tasks. To ensure this, we continually and obsessively track our performance, rigorously checking service delivery against SLAs and service benchmarks.
Dedication to Service
When Sandy struck and our power was out, they physically moved our servers to their offices the next day, and set them up on their network to keep us operating – they even provided desks and workstations for our employees to handle critical work functions.
- Nick Koles, Castlewood Apparel