Wiring an office is no simple matter, a structured cabling system takes planning, coordination, a careful eye, and a skilled hand. Our cabling technicians can wire your office, no matter the size. We will work closely with you to determine your needs, set up your network, and get you up & running quickly.
TPA wires for computers, phones, security systems, and everything in between. All our cabling is tested and verified to operate at or above compliance standards to meet your business needs.


In New York, cabling presents particular challenges that we've learned to overcome through 15 years of cabling experience in the NY metro area. We guarantee and certify cabling, respond immediately to cabling problems, and can take care of future wire runs after the job is done.
Our team specializes in cabling new offices, and rewiring old ones. From big jobs in complex datacenters to small runs for a new cubicle, we will handle your needs.
Dedication to Service
The technical support & practical Know-How they apply to solving & repairing presented problems have served us well and on timely bases. We appreciate and value their support and service provided to us.
- Abe Shalam