Staying Safe

The physical security of a company’s offices is a greater concern than ever. Preventing theft begins with securing your premises properly. Your documents, valuables, and the companies property that you’ve worked hard for, are critical to the continuing operations of the company and should be kept secure.

Protect What Matters Most

There are many tools that are available to keep you protected, and integrate into your existing network: IP cameras to see who enters and leaves premises, doorlock relays to limit physical access, passkey cards to change clearance on the fly and biometric scan mechanisms to add a sense of security to your workplace.

Be Proactive, Be Prepared

If you are the victim of theft, the most important part of getting what’s important back is historical information - Logs from access cards, entry/exit records, and security video footage can be vital in finding out who took your valuables. Our security experts will help find a solution tailored to your specific needs.
Dedication to Service
I feel like they truly care about our business as we do, and their high quality service with a smile is a great testimony to that.
- Eli Levy , Intimateco