Our non-profit organization had to move offices on short notice last year. We notified Technology Partners within a few days of our move, They were able to hook up all of our computers and our Internet and get us working. Of course this was critical to our operations. . We greatly appreciate the stellar customer service that the company gives us.
Julie Bernstein, Halachic Organ Donor Society
Tech Partners has been our IT partner and a trusted resource for more than 10 years. I rely on them without question for advice and support for all our technology needs. They are proactive and are always looking out for my interests. When we lost a server, they made sure we could work until it was replaced, when internet went down they got us connected until the internet provider resolved the problem. When we lost valuable data, they restored it every time. Their engineers are skilled, and explain issues clearly in plain English. I recommend them highly.
Asher Zamir - President, Zamir Equities
We have been working with Tech Partners for over three years, and they have become an integral part of our operations. They manage all aspects of our IT platform, including our network and servers, and always go out of their way to solve problems quickly and prevent their reoccurrence. They have also reduced our expenditure through the introduction of new cost-effective solutions to meet our technology needs. And, on top of everything, they’re fun to work with!
Vigdis Eriksen - Founder & CEO, Eriksen Translations Inc.
We have been working with Tech Partners for over 15 years and they have continually served us as a trusted and valued partner. They brought us peace of mind and allowed us to focus on our business. Our technology doesn’t just keep us running - it enables us to drive our business, enhance customer service, increase sales and maximize efficiency. They have exceeded my expectations in service and in designing and maintaining a technology infrastructure that fits our business.
Jack R Ashkenazie, Almar Sales Company, Inc.
We have been with Technology Partners for just over a year now and I must say that they have over delivered on the services that they promised. They have resolved issues in a timely manner while keeping the end user informed and comfortable in the fact that the problem will get fixed. Their team of techs are knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I am extremely pleased.
David Hernandez, Girl Scouts of Greater New York
For more than 15 years, Tech Partners has provided us with excellent IT support ranging from server migrations to a full-scale company move. When Sandy struck and our power was out, they physically moved our servers to their offices the next day, and set them up on their network to keep us operating – they even provided desks and workstations for our employees to handle critical work functions. They went above and beyond any normal expectations during a time when the entire city was down. They respond rapidly to problems and have a true commitment to customer service. I highly recommend them
Nick Koles, Castlewood Apparel
We have been using Technology Partners for over three years now. The support team is always very responsive and able to attend to our calls. All of the technicians are extremely knowledgeable, cooperative and able to troubleshoot any issues that arise. I highly recommend them.
Eddie Shalam, StarRide Kids, Inc.
We have been using Tech Partners for almost 15 years and they have played an integral part in keeping our company running smoothly over the years. Their responsiveness to the needs of their customers is unparalleled. In addition, all of their technicians are very knowledgeable and extremely courteous.They allow you to run your business without worrying about the worse-case scenarios because you know that you have the best people looking out for you. I highly recommend them for all of your Technology needs. You will not find another company who responds to their customers’ needs as quickly and efficiently as Tech Partners.
Nandanie Persaud – Veeren, Ellenberg and Partners
We have been working with Tech Partners for more than 15 years. Several years ago we signed up for their managed services program .and it’s made big difference. The proactive service, planning, and maintenance have kept us problem free and eliminated emergencies. When we do have an issue their response time is fantastic. I know I can always count on them no matter what my needs. They are a true partner and we look forward to growing together with them for years to come.
Andrew Jerez, Rashti and Rashti
I highly recommend their services to anyone who’s looking for someone with extensive knowledge, great customer service, and engineers with a caring demeanor.
Albert Nakash, Rasolli Footwear
Tech Partners began working with Fleet Street since 2007. Bringing them on as my IT Solutions Company was and continues to be one of the best decisions I have made for the Company. They are reliable, proficient and very hands-on. I feel like they are part of my staff and available at a moment’s notice at any time of the day. I believe in them and trust their service and knowledge of computer systems.
Meeta Amin, Fleet Street Ltd.
Tech Partners helped us organize our computer environment and stabilize our growing network. We used to have a room full of old, loud Servers to run our business - they are now virtualized into a few powerful machines and operations are more efficient. Tech Partners also helped us during a complex move into a new showroom, and assisted with IT planning every step of the way. Their proactive maintenance has meant no more problems for us. They are a great tech company and they have great people.
Nathan Dweck, Jacmel Jewelry
We have been with Tech Partners for close to 2 years now. Their service to my company has been exceptional! From moving us into a new showroom and setting up a new server and all the computer work stations, to the smallest little detail that arises, they have come through for us. I feel like they truly care about our business as we do, and their high quality service with a smile is a great testimony to that.
Eli Levy , Intimateco
Over the past several years Technology Partners Assoc.have provided to us Technical Support for our office computers, servers, and BlackBerry units as well as overall Technology Based Products. The technical support & practical Know-How they apply to solving & repairing presented problems have served us well and on timely bases. We appreciate and value their support and service provided to us.
Lou Guttman, Rugged Equipment
Technology Partners has been an invaluable addition to our business. Due to their excellent customer service and timely support, our productivity has risen and frustrations with emerging technologies have diminished. We can now focus on the essential parts of our business with no delays. Their prompt responses with immediate resolutions to our inquiries and issues have made it a “no brainer” that we will be partnered with them for many years to come. I would recommend them to anybody seeking IT help with their business needs.
Sammy Ayal, Southern Telecom, Inc
Everything's running smoothly... We don't even think about it anymore; It just works.
Shaun Rishty, H.I.S. Juveniles, Inc.

Tech Partners has gone beyond my expectations to make sure my business is secure and trouble free. They have great people who are knowledgeable and friendly -they really care about us.
Teddy Gadeh, Ten West Apparel