Our People

Their team of techs are knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I am extremely pleased.
David Hernandez
Girl Scouts of Greater New York
For more than 15 years, Tech Partners has provided us with excellent IT support ranging from server migrations to a full-scale company move.
Nick Koles
Castlewood Apparel
Everything's running smoothly... We don't even think about it anymore; It just works.
Shaun Rishty
H.I.S. Juveniles, Inc.

We are a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers that will address all your IT needs: Each of our engineers is devoted to our customers, and has earned their trust through our performance. Trust and accountability are cornerstones of who we are. No matter what, we will be there to keep your business running right.

Our Clients

We used to have a room full of old, loud servers to run our business - they are now virtualized into a few powerful machines and operations are more efficient.
Nathan Dweck
Jacmel Jewelry
They are reliable, proficient and very hands-on. I feel like they are part of my staff and available at a moment’s notice at any time of the day.
Meeta Amin
Fleet Street Ltd.
They have exceeded my expectations in service, and in designing and maintaining a technology infrastructure that fits our business.
Jack R Ashkenazie
Almar Sales Company, Inc.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Service Dedication -We provide flexible, on-demand access to the latest cutting-edge, enterprise level technology and expert technical support. Our helpdesk is staffed by a live engineer - No call back service. We provide live pick up from our skilled engineers, and are ready to come on-site wherever and whenever you need.
Technology Solutions -Rather than always trying to reinvent the wheel, we are constantly exploring the market for the best products and solutions. Sure, we have a highly talented team of engineers, but whenever appropriate, we utilize the latest and most advanced solutions that are thoroughly tested by our own experts, from the best in the business.
Dedication to Service
Tech Partners has gone beyond my expectations to make sure my business is secure and trouble free. They have great people who are knowledgeable and friendly -they really care about us.
- Teddy Gadeh, Ten West Apparel.